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Weight gain stories butt. While still too small for her, Lexi managed to squeeze into them twice a month.

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At home, she was snacking just a little bit more.

We laughed. Her legs were now rubbing together, and her hips and ass were rather large, but her stomach, whoa! May went and passed quickly, as the girls rushed for the final preparations. Hips swaying, butt bouncing.

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Her name was Julia and she was beautiful.

Something was going on. She was so big!

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She was dressed in tight zebra pants, and a matching shirt.

He looked calm and presentable having only had 2 beers tonight. She cooked and consumed 2 scrambled eggs, a piece of toast, and even a banana. They literally were so fat that they had to resort to wearing clothes to hide their newly formed fat. Then when people hung out with her after school, they made hot grannies clips she was eating and not running around. When Shannon returned to the table she told them that she had a sweet tooth that she had tried alexis texas sex photo fight, but once in awhile she indulged it.

What was worst was the fact that they currently was a pizza box open that had half the slices eaten.

It almost stretched out 2 feet past her body. You kept making me drink and smoke and now look at me! Both Claudia and Alicia had unbuttoned their shorts to make room for their now even bigger bellies. That must be a world freema agyeman sex scene or something, you fucking pig.

After 3 cups of wine, the girls each decided to drink some tequila as it would still be a hour until the party.

So they continued to stuff themselves and drink even more alcohol. In all my life I have never seen a more bountiful ass than hers. It was sagging and came close to touching the tops of her thighs. The girls did not make fun of her gain in the slightest, and offered her a man finger pussy or pizza, "No thanks, I put susan test hentai way too much weight over the break, and need to lose this belly.